"My 5-year old child and I began our journey with Kenzo by starting with a “book tasting”. I allowed him to flip through the pages and explore the book all on his own. He began by looking at the pictures and immediately noticed that Kenzo looked happy, and then he was sad. We talked about times in which he felt happy and when he felt sad. I was immediately able to have an open dialogue with him that enabled us to discuss emotions, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Upon reading Kenzo’s story, my child immediately felt connected to the narrative and became relaxed and open. Uh Oh Kenzo! provides a template for young students on how to navigate their world through their own eyes. It teaches them that although we face hardships, we can always take an active role in being a part of the solution."

—Carmen Fentress, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Science in Teacher Education

"Uh Oh Kenzo! is an adorable tale of a kid goat whose excitement impedes upon what was supposed to be a fantastic day. Like we all should, Kenzo wakes up mentally prepared to have an amazing day! However, a clumsy moment before he leaves home inconveniences his family and triggers the downward spiral of the day. Kenzo’s school day consists of a series of unintentional mistakes. Each mistake leaves him feeling less like himself and more like a bad kid. He has an opportunity to reflect on his day with his parents. Mom and Dad are able to remind Kenzo of who he is, regardless of a bad day.

"This is a visually stunning book with a story that is just as beautiful. The account of Kenzo’s day is thoroughly enjoyable, charming and meaningful. The authors’ voice is clear and concise enough to teach a young child about the power of good intention, not internalizing mistakes and remaining positive. Don’t fret the kiddos aren’t the only one that can learn from Kenzo! This story provides a stark reminder to parents not give too much power to the mistakes that we and our children make. Uh Oh Kenzo! provides the perfect opportunity to teach our children to be open about their feelings while guiding them through their own self-reflection."

—Jameka Jones-Carter, MS

"Kenzo is a delight for all audiences, children and adults alike. As a lovable character and role model of excitement for life and learning, Kenzo warms the reader’s heart immediately. You can’t help but to fall in love with Kenzo because he is so relatable. As an educator, this book not only highlights what children experience internally in their learning journey to become mindful adults that adhere to societal expectations, it helps teachers, administrators, and parents alike to strive to be more child-centered and compassionate. What wonderful role models Kenzo’s parents are. Uh Oh Kenzo! has such a realistic flair to it that all children at some point in their journey have likely been in the same trying situation, having the day they wish never was! As the rising action builds, your heart will no doubt go out to Kenzo who in his childlike, zealous innocence has one awkward encounter and experience after another. In the end, he learns that he learns some important lessons that build his self-concept. A winner!"

—Tunisia Ali, Educator, Administrator, Author, & Healer

"Uh Oh Kenzo! is a good book that teaches a good lesson: Everybody makes mistakes, and we need to learn from them to become better. I feel Kenzo is a positive character, because I have done some of the same sorts of things he does. Like Kenzo, I felt bad about what I did, so it is easy for me to relate to him. Kenzo helps me feel like doing the right thing, even after a bad day. I will read this book to my 5-year-old sister, and I know she will also learn from this!"

—Chelsea age 9, Litpick

"Uh Oh Kenzo! is a very thoughtful and energetic tale about what happens when things don’t go according to plan, and how to shake them off and find the good in even the most disastrous situations. Overenthusiasm can sometimes make it challenging to see accidents that are about to happen. Everyone has moments when a seemingly good day suddenly goes terribly wrong. But reading Kenzo's story can really help readers feel better in knowing they're not the only ones who make mistakes. This is a great book to read on one of those days.

Beautifully illustrated and sympathetically told by Kenzo himself, Uh Oh Kenzo! has an identifiable message to share. The narrative has perfect pacing and fluctuations in tone that make for a clear, easy-to-follow story and relatable conflict with a cathartic ending. I recommend this book to young children in the early stages of their school careers and who could use some cheering up on 'uh-oh' days."

—Laura, Litpick